Attention Sociologists Employed/Running an Organisation or Business

Are you a non-academic sociologist running a not-for-profit organisation, a consulting business or some other professional service? If you would like to share  the knowledge and expertise of your organisation, you can fill out a brief questionnaire telling us about how you apply your craft to ‘real life’ social problems or organisational issues. Your organisation’s vision and your application of sociological principles will be featured in the upcoming first editon our online publication, Working Notes. Please email us if you are interested in participating.

Read on for more information on Working Notes.

Working Notes is a free online publication which will hosted by the Sociology At Work website. This publication will be available to the public, and it aims to provide a platform for applied sociologists to share their experiences and expertise with a broad audience. We welcome diverse contributions covering a broad range of topics of relevance to the professionalism and advocacy work undertaken applied sociologists, including analysis of their research projects and activism, as well as reflection pieces about their careers.

The first issue is scheduled to be published in May 2010.

Instructions on how to submit other research papers about your work are available here

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