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Applied Sociology Career Spotlight: Politics

Angelia Schultz has a Masters in sociology and she ran in the Democratic nomination for the USA state of Aberdeen in 2014. She stood on a platform promoting stronger provision of healthcare and education. You will notice her use of the sociological perspective (Bourdieu specifically)… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career Spotlight: Politics”

Applied Sociology Career Spotlight: Urban Planning

The Californian Department of Transportation in the USA has a cultural studies team. It’s led by an anthropologist and it includes anthropologists, archaeologists and historians. They conduct research on the city’s landscape and they analyse potential architectural sites for artefacts. They are also tasked… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career Spotlight: Urban Planning”

Applied Sociology Career in Health & Ageing: Dr Sue Malta

Dr Sue Malta works as a Research Fellow and Project Manager for the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) in Melbourne, Australia. This is a not-for-profit organisation that runs community development projects in health and ageing. Sue also works a researcher with the Royal Freemason’s… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career in Health & Ageing: Dr Sue Malta”

Applied Sociology Career in Research & Evaluation

I recently interviewed Dr Yoland Wadsworth an applied sociologist from Melbourne, Australia. In the video below, Yoland talks about her 42 year career in Community Research & Evaluation. Dr Yoland Wadsworth is one of Australia’s prominent applied sociologists. She has led a distinguished career,… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career in Research & Evaluation”

Art Therapy, Visual Sociology and Dementia Awareness

As part of Dementia Awareness week in Australia, the photography of sociologist Professor Cathy Greenblat (seen below) will continue to travel around Australia. Today’s post gives some background on dementia research. I give an overview of the sociological contributions to art therapy. I pay… Continue Reading “Art Therapy, Visual Sociology and Dementia Awareness”

Health Matters: Working with Qualitative and Quantitative Methods. Melbourne, Australia

Christine Walker works with the Chronic Illness Alliance, in Melbourne, Australia. Christine specialises in qualitative research on health issues, but she has more recently began working with quantitative methods. In this profile Christine discusses her research on diabetes and epilepsy.

Sociological Leadership in Education: Abuja, Nigeria

Dr Steve Nwokeocha is based in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Here he explains how sociology influences his management style, and demonstrates ‘the difference a sociologist can make in bringing about positive changes in an organisation and in launching a very new organisation… Continue Reading “Sociological Leadership in Education: Abuja, Nigeria”

Accounting for Sociology in a World of Auditors, UK

Michael Hughes is the Director of Studies and Knowledge for the Audit Commission, UK, reviewing reports on local government services. He tells us why we should ‘never underestimate the value of a sociology degree in providing a foundation of skills and concepts for understanding… Continue Reading “Accounting for Sociology in a World of Auditors, UK”

Knowing That My Work Makes a Real Difference: The Career of One Applied Quantitative Sociologist, UK

Tony Alderton reflects on his career in civil service and his current role as a researcher for Early Years and Childcare with the Kent County Council in the UK.  

An Organisational Perspective: Applying Sociology to the Health Sector in Melbourne, Australia

Christine Walker answers some questions about her work as Chief Executive Officer for Chronic Illness Alliance in Melbourne, Australia, which connects not-for-profit groups with government and academics in order to advocate for better healthcare for people with chronic illnesses.