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Why Do We Read So Much in Sociology?

When I was still teaching sociology, I was often bemused when some students complained that they had too much reading to do ahead of class. We typically set two journal articles or book chapters as mandatory reading each week (and of course there were… Continue Reading “Why Do We Read So Much in Sociology?”

Sociology for Clients

I have previously discussed the four questions facing applied sociologists. These questions refer to how we utilise sociological theories, methods and principles in our work, and the challenges and opportunities we encounter practising sociology outside academia. In brief, these questions are:  Sociology for What? That is, why are… Continue Reading “Sociology for Clients”

Open Data, Open Access & What They Mean for Applied Sociology

Data are necessary for robust social science but very expensive to collect. Current regulations limit the ability for public servants and researchers sharing their data with the public. What does the open data movement mean for applied sociologists? Here’s two brief case studies on what’s happening… Continue Reading “Open Data, Open Access & What They Mean for Applied Sociology”

How to Read and Respond to Media Reports on Social Science

Andrew Gottlieb of The Psychology Lounge recently posted a useful article about the way the media misrepresents social science research. Although Gottlieb is a clinical psychologist, his analysis has relevance for applied sociology. I include his tips on how to identify the typical ways… Continue Reading “How to Read and Respond to Media Reports on Social Science”