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The Sociological Imagination

‘Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.’ Today’s sociology quote is from C. Wright Mills’ classic, The Sociological Imagination. Mills argues that people sometimes feel “trapped” by their troubles or their personal circumstances… Continue Reading “The Sociological Imagination”

The Insight of Karl Marx

  “… Inequality is rising. This is not just a ‘moral’ issue but also an issue of too little consumption too little savings that is bad for global growth. It’s a bit like the Marxist idea that if profits grow too much compared to… Continue Reading “The Insight of Karl Marx”

Our Responsibility as Sociologists

The President of the International Sociological Association (ISA), Professor Margaret Abraham, has addressed the Executive Order by USA President Donald Trump. The Order suspends visas to people born in seven Muslim-majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Professor Abraham writes in the ISA… Continue Reading “Our Responsibility as Sociologists”

If Karl Marx Was Alive

As we commiserate with our American colleagues on Inauguration Day 2017, may this courageous lady’s sign bring you some mirth and sociological comfort. “If Karl Marx was alive he would say, I told you so.” Photo: Pete Birkinshaw.

Sociology More Nimble on its Feet

The quote below comes from a great book with lots of useful case studies of applied sociology in action. In Public Sociology: Research, Action, and Change, Philip Nyden, Leslie Hossfeld and Gwendolyn Nyden, argue: “In their active engagement with various publics, sociologists become more aware… Continue Reading “Sociology More Nimble on its Feet”

Social Survey Invented by Sociology

  Here’s a fun read by E. W. Burgess, who was writing in 1916 about the importance of social surveys as a “constructive service by departments of sociology”: “Indeed a case might well be made for the statement that the social survey was an… Continue Reading “Social Survey Invented by Sociology”

Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues – happy new year to those celebrating and to all applied sociologists: stay inspired and keep working for social change! Best wishes for 2017. – Zuleyka [Image: text card with megaphone icon and new year message]

Applied Sociology

Applied sociology is centrally concerned with social change. It is a specific type of sociological practice – it is led by the research questions and concerns of clients. The quote is drawn from a terrific, easy to read book by Stephen Steele and Jamie… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology”

Classic Quote of the Week: Zygmunt Bauman on The Task for Sociology

Your sociology quote of the week is by Zygmunt Bauman, featured in an interview with The Guardian. Bauman reflects on the political landscape in the UK, and how our discipline needs to focus on finding applied answers to social problems. He was unhappy to note… Continue Reading “Classic Quote of the Week: Zygmunt Bauman on The Task for Sociology”

Classic Quote of the Week: Pierre Bourdieu on The Function of Sociology

Need some inspiration? Your sociology quote of the week comes from Pierre Bourdieu, as featured in The New York Times. In the first chapter of On Television, Bourdieu writes: The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden. In so… Continue Reading “Classic Quote of the Week: Pierre Bourdieu on The Function of Sociology”