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Classic Quote of the Week: Pierre Bourdieu on The Function of Sociology

Need some inspiration? Your sociology quote of the week comes from Pierre Bourdieu, as featured in The New York Times. In the first chapter of On Television, Bourdieu writes: The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden. In so… Continue Reading “Classic Quote of the Week: Pierre Bourdieu on The Function of Sociology”

Sociology for Social Activism

Dr Dan Brook is a lecturer in sociology and politics at San Jose State University in the United States, and he is also involved with several social activism communities outside of his academic work. This includes support of social causes such as vegetarianism, anti-smoking… Continue Reading “Sociology for Social Activism”

Applied Sociology Career in Research & Evaluation

I recently interviewed Dr Yoland Wadsworth an applied sociologist from Melbourne, Australia. In the video below, Yoland talks about her 42 year career in Community Research & Evaluation. Dr Yoland Wadsworth is one of Australia’s prominent applied sociologists. She has led a distinguished career,… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career in Research & Evaluation”

Art Therapy, Visual Sociology and Dementia Awareness

As part of Dementia Awareness week in Australia, the photography of sociologist Professor Cathy Greenblat (seen below) will continue to travel around Australia. Today’s post gives some background on dementia research. I give an overview of the sociological contributions to art therapy. I pay… Continue Reading “Art Therapy, Visual Sociology and Dementia Awareness”

Podcast: Doing Applied Work

Below is the latest podcast for Sociology at Work. It provides a broad overview of the work that applied sociologists do outside academia. Applied sociologists have two broad ways in which they apply sociology in their work. First, through our methods, which can be… Continue Reading “Podcast: Doing Applied Work”

Sociology at Work Podcast Series Kicks Off

Below is the first Sociology at Work podcast. It kicks off with a background about why Sociology at Work was formed, the types of professional concerns we address, and what you can expect from our podcast series. While our website will continue to provide… Continue Reading “Sociology at Work Podcast Series Kicks Off”

Building Sustainable Cities for the Future

In just a few hours, the UN is hosting an online panel to discuss its recent report, World Economic and Social Survey 2013: Sustainable Development Challenges. The panel will discuss issues arising from its research on building sustainable cities, food security and energy transformation.… Continue Reading “Building Sustainable Cities for the Future”

In Honour of Nelson Mandela Day

On the 18th of July, the world will celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. Mandela has been hospitalised for over two weeks. The BBC reports today that the human rights leader and Former President of South Africa is in a stable but still critical condition. In… Continue Reading “In Honour of Nelson Mandela Day”

Classic Quote of the Week: Ann Oakley on the Sociology of Women’s Unpaid Work

Your classic sociology quote for the week, colleagues: “Clearly, society has a tremendous stake in insisting on a woman’s natural fitness for the career of mother: the alternatives are all too expensive.” – Ann Oakley, 1974. Woman’s Work: The Housewife, Past and Present. Our blind… Continue Reading “Classic Quote of the Week: Ann Oakley on the Sociology of Women’s Unpaid Work”

Sociology for Clients

I have previously discussed the four questions facing applied sociologists. These questions refer to how we utilise sociological theories, methods and principles in our work, and the challenges and opportunities we encounter practising sociology outside academia. In brief, these questions are:  Sociology for What? That is, why are… Continue Reading “Sociology for Clients”