Working Notes Issue 1

Image: Banksy
Image: Banksy

The first edition of Working Notes, the free online bulletin for Sociology At Work, has now been published! The idea behind Working Notes is to provide a platform for applied sociologists to share their work experiences, with a view to expanding recognition of what sociologists can do and enhancing how the discipline of sociology thinks about and promotes sociological practices. To read our publication, please click on Working Notes.

Table of contents for Working Notes, Issue 1, June 2010

Working Notes: Editorial

Abstract: Welcome to the inaugural edition of Working Notes, the online bulletin for Sociology At Work. This introduction outlines a brief background about the editors and it provides an overview of the papers in this first edition.

Tony Alderton: ‘Knowing That My Work Makes a Real Difference’: The Career of One Applied Quantitative Sociologist, UK
Abstract: Tony Alderton reflects on his career in civil service and his current role as a researcher for Early Years and Childcare with the Kent County Council in the UK.

Michael Hughes: Accounting for Sociology in a World of Auditors, UK
Abstract: Michael Hughes is the Director of Studies and Knowledge for the Audit Commission, UK, reviewing reports on local government services. He tells us why we should ‘never underestimate the value of a sociology degree in providing a foundation of skills and concepts for understanding other disciplines and their models’.

Christine Walker: An Organisational Perspective: Applying Sociology to the Health Sector in Melbourne, Australia
Abstract: Christine Walker answers some questions about her work as Chief Executive Officer for Chronic Illness Alliance in Melbourne, Australia, which connects not-for-profit groups with government and academics in order to advocate for better healthcare for people with chronic illnesses.

Lea Campbell: War and Peace in Educational Disadvantage
Abstract: Lea Campbell works as a researcher for a social welfare organisation in Australia, addressing educational disadvantage among young students. She argues that constructive conflict makes a difference in educational policies.

Stephen Leyden: Consuming Sociology: Working for State Government, Melbourne, Australia
Abstract: Stephen Leyden works as a Research Officer for Consumer Affairs Victoria in Australia, a government agency more accustomed to focusing on business and legal concerns rather than on sociological issues.

Anthony Hogan: Beyond Merciless Critique: Reflections on the Contribution of Sociology in the Social Policy Space
Abstract: Anthony Hogan is a Fellow with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health at The Australian National University. His paper argues that sociology could make a stronger impact on social policy if it went beyond criticism and engaged with the imperfect aspects of decision making.

Gary Pattison: Advice for Students Who Want to Work as Social Activists: A View From a Trade Union, UK
Abstract: Gary Pattison provides advice for students interested in becoming trade union officials, including how he moved into his profession and how sociology helps him achieve better conditions for workers.

Annika Coughlin: Defining Sociological Identity and Community: The Work of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, UK
Abstract: Annika Coughlin is one of the convenors of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, which is part of the British Sociological Association. She answers questions about the issues facing their members.

Adrian Lui: Strengthening Business Through Sociology: The Work of a Council Coordinator in Hong Kong
Abstract: Adrian Lui works as a Council Coordinator for a global membership organization for the business community in Hong Kong. He tells us how his general sociological skills help him to work with businesses in order to strengthen their services.

Zuleyka Zevallos: Becoming an Applied Sociologist: A Personal Journey From Student to Academic to Public Servant
Abstract: Zuleyka Zevallos has a position as Sociologist in the Australian Public Service as well as being an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Institute for Social Research, Australia. Her paper provides a reflexive case study of her career. She argues that sociology students need better vocational training and career planning strategies.

Read the papers on Working Notes, Issue 1.

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