European Microdata Users

For researchers working with European Union Statistics on Income and Living Condition (EU-Silc) data, Gesis’ latest microdata tools now include SPSS- and STATA routines which transfer the EU-SILC 2008 csv-data to SPSS/Stata-Systemfiles.

EU-SILC data are collected by National Statistical Institutes and could come from different sources. In some participant countries a new survey was launched with cross-sectional and longitudinal elements. In other countries a combination of registers and surveys is used, that is the data for the same respondents are collected partly by interview and partly from register.

Due to the confidential character of the EU-SILC microdata, direct access to the anonymised data is only provided by means of research contracts (see below for standard contract model).Access is in principle restricted to universities, research institutes, national statistical institutes, central banks inside the EU, as well as to the European Central Bank.

For information about the dataset, see:


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