Our Responsibility as Sociologists

The President of the International Sociological Association (ISA), Professor Margaret Abraham, has addressed the Executive Order by USA President Donald Trump. The Order suspends visas to people born in seven Muslim-majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Professor Abraham writes in the ISA newsletter:

This ban is discriminatory, stigmatizing communities and people, and exacerbating forms of social exclusion of specific groups. Further, the ban adversely impacts knowledge production, prevents the free flow of academic exchanges and limits participation of sociologists in national and international conferences. Civil society members, individual academics, professional associations and communities nationally and internationally are responding by voicing their concern, opposing the ban, bringing legal challenges and supporting those affected.

Professor Abraham has a call to arms to sociologists to revive hope, inclusion and justice.

Our responsibility as sociologists
We need to reflect, respond and recognize our responsibility as sociologists. – Prof Margaret Abraham, President, International Sociological Association

[Image: two open palms painted like a world atlas, with the quote: We need to reflect, respond and recognize our responsibility as sociologists to address what is happening on the ground in these grim times and strive to address injustice… I’m confident that sociologists can play a key role in the formidable task of reviving hope and crafting a better future in an inclusive and just world.

Quote: International Sociological Association. Image: Sociology at Work.

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