The Second Edition of Working Notes has just been launched!

Image: Banksy
Image: Banksy

Our contributors focus on their application of sociological principles, methods and theories in their everyday work. One author discusses how sociological principles are implicit in the way in which they manage a government organisation. Two authors discuss how they apply sociological methodologies in the evaluation of health and educational programs. Another applied researcher discusses the use of sociology in the development of community service policies and provides advice for students wanting to follow similar work. Two further papers discuss how theoretical frameworks and scholarly activities have been introduced into the not-for-profit sector. One postgraduate author introduces her blog, which charts her PhD research on sustainable migration to regional areas.


The Editorial takes issue with the idea that some activities might be considered ‘too academic’ in an applied context, and explores the theoretical practices used by applied professionals working in non-university settings. Dina Bowman writes about her work with a not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia, which addresses social disadvantage through services, advocacy and research. Christine Walker discusses her research on diabetes and epilepsy. Yoland Wadsworth introduces her new book which brings together 40 years of her social research and evaluation experiences. Steve Nwokeocha is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He discusses how sociology influences his management style in his position as the Director of Professional Operations with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. In another paper, Dina Bowman critiques the ways in which quantitative surveys often marginalise ‘invalid’ (or unorthodox) survey responses of job-seekers. Sharon Bond discusses her career path into her current role as a Senior Research Officer with a not-for-profit organisation and she provides advice for students looking to find similar work. Finally, Christina Kargillis, a third-year postgraduate student, writes about her blog, which chronicles her research on workers who move from larger Australian cities to smaller country areas in search of better employment opportunities and a change in lifestyle.

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