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Applied Sociology Goals for 2017

Dear colleagues: if you’re celebrating the new year – do you have resolutions? Here are some ideas for enhancing our collective sociological practice! We’re on our way with the first one… number six is a bit tricky to say the least. (We have our… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Goals for 2017”

Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues – happy new year to those celebrating and to all applied sociologists: stay inspired and keep working for social change! Best wishes for 2017. – Zuleyka [Image: text card with megaphone icon and new year message]

Sociology Ethics in an Applied Workplace

I’m currently editing our latest video for Sociology At Work. I’ll be discussing some of the key questions that emerged from The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Postgraduate Workshop. I was invited to speak on a careers panel along with three other applied researchers. Students… Continue Reading “Sociology Ethics in an Applied Workplace”

Applied Sociology Roles, Skills and Methods – New S@W Series

What are the roles that applied sociologists take on? What skills and methods do they apply in order to carry out their work? What workplace issues do they face? How do they manage their professional challenges and celebrate their triumphs? As I’ve previously written… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Roles, Skills and Methods – New S@W Series”