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Image via: Ancient Mesopotamia.
Image via: Ancient Mesopotamia.

Here are some resources that may be useful to our S@W members. Whether you are looking for work; a student seeking writing support; keen to take advantage of a free online course; or you are interested in new sociology blogs and publications, these resources should hopefully inspire your sociological imagination!

  • is a useful job site tailored for specialists. Search the filtered social science positions at various levels: graduates, early career researchers and more senior executives. You can look for scholarships, internships, postdoctoral offers, project officer roles with not-for-profit groups, research gigs with think tanks, civil service jobs and other positions at the Director level. Most jobs are based in America, but they regularly feature jobs in other parts of the world.
  • Sociology helps students learn more about sociological concepts and it encourages submissions to support peer learning. There are resources to help with writing papers and sections for sociology texts and sociology authors.
  • Stanford University is offering free courses to the public online, including seven computer science courses and two entrepreneurship courses. There are no tuition fees, no textbooks and no set class times. The courses that may interest sociologists range from Computer Science 101, Human-Computer Interaction and Natural Language Processing. Read more on the UnCollege website.
  • Sociolab is curator of a useful live list of sociology blogs on Tumblr (including mine).  If you have a Tumblr blog dedicated to sociology issues, please get in touch with Sociolab and join the community.
  • Religion and Gender is a free online journal focusing on a
    range of religious experiences. The first edition features papers on
    queer theories on religion; ‘macho Buddhism’; African Pentecostal
    masculinities; and feminist scholarship on pro-choice and anti-abortion
    lobby groups.
  • Finally, some cross-promotion – I’ve been blogging about otherness, public sociology, media, and political issues on The Other Sociologist. Latest posts cover LGBT marriage; how sociology can address Japan’s environmental efforts to clean up this year’s nuclear disaster; Facebook’s analysis of friendship networks; and ‘unintentional racism’ in Florence + The Machine’s latest video.

Do you have other resources you think would benefit our colleagues? Please email me!


Image via: Ancient Mesopotamia.

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