Applied Sociology Career Spotlight: Politics

Angelia Schultz has a Masters in sociology and she ran in the Democratic nomination for the USA state of Aberdeen in 2014. She stood on a platform promoting stronger provision of healthcare and education. You will notice her use of the sociological perspective (Bourdieu specifically) during her campaign.

Photo: templeCLA via Flickr
Photo: templeCLA via Flickr

“Education… must be a high priority of the state to fund education to ensure that our children are prepared to excel in a highly competitive environment upon graduation. Also, we need well-qualified teachers whom we retain in our schools because we offer a competitive wage. We lose our intellectual capital every time a teacher takes a position in a neighbouring state… Furthermore, we must take a serious, in-depth look at Common Core standards and whether or not they meet the needs of our school districts, from a curriculum standpoint all the way through to the efficacy of standardised testing and whether it measures what we think it does.”

She has a varied professional career, working in education, political analysis and she is a military veteran. Read more in this interview.

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