Category: Working Notes Issue 1

Beyond Merciless Critique: Reflections on the Contribution of Sociology in the Social Policy Space

Anthony Hogan is a Fellow with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health at The Australian National University. His paper argues that sociology could make a stronger impact on social policy if it went beyond criticism and engaged with the imperfect aspects of decision…

Advice for Students Who Want to Work as Social Activists: A View From a Trade Union, UK

Gary Pattison provides advice for students interested in becoming trade union officials, including how he moved into his profession and how sociology helps him achieve better conditions for workers.

Defining Sociological Identity and Community: The Work of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, UK

Annika Coughlin is one of the convenors of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, which is part of the British Sociological Association. She answers questions about the issues facing their members.

Becoming an Applied Sociologist: A Personal Journey From Student to Academic to Public Servant

Zuleyka Zevallos has a position as Sociologist in the Australian Public Service as well as being an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Institute for Social Research, Australia. Her paper provides a reflexive case study of her career. She argues that sociology students need better vocational…