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Call for Submissions: Applied Sociologists and the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

I work in a policy team responding to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic in Sydney, Australia. This is not our regular job; but it has become a large part of our work. Like many people, our directive has completely shifted. Our team is voluntarily working… Continue Reading “Call for Submissions: Applied Sociologists and the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic”

Social Acts

By Anthony Hogan [1] I am a sociologist by trade, having completed my undergraduate work at University of Western Sydney (UWS), a PhD with the amazingly wonderful Gary Dowsett at Macquarie and then a Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Sciences at the University of Sydney.… Continue Reading “Social Acts”

Building Sustainable Cities for the Future

In just a few hours, the UN is hosting an online panel to discuss its recent report, World Economic and Social Survey 2013: Sustainable Development Challenges. The panel will discuss issues arising from its research on building sustainable cities, food security and energy transformation.… Continue Reading “Building Sustainable Cities for the Future”

Commit Sociology

As two men were arrested this week for allegedly conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not interested in talking about the causes of terrorism. He said: “I think, though, this is not a time to commit… Continue Reading “Commit Sociology”

New Anti-racism Strategy in Australia

Australia will implement an anti-racism strategy from July 2012. In this post I sketch out some ideas as to how applied sociology might contribute to this process. The 2011 Mapping Social Cohesion Report shows that 14% of all Australians have experienced racial or religious discrimination. Race Discrimination Commissioner… Continue Reading “New Anti-racism Strategy in Australia”