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Talking Sociology With Local Communities

Volunteering is an important way to build applied sociology careers. Let’s explore how giving practical talks to community groups can improve both communities and our sociology. We’ll use a short case study of Dr. Ray McDonald, Assistant Professor at Wiley College in the USA, who gave a… Continue Reading “Talking Sociology With Local Communities”

Applied Sociology Career Advice: Get into Volunteering

Volunteering does more than boost community belonging; it also boosts economic productivity and improves the social skills of workers. For applied sociologists, doing unpaid work with a not-for-profit will open up new doors throughout your career. The only obstacle is learning how to best reflect… Continue Reading “Applied Sociology Career Advice: Get into Volunteering”

Sociology for Social Activism

Dr Dan Brook is a lecturer in sociology and politics at San Jose State University in the United States, and he is also involved with several social activism communities outside of his academic work. This includes support of social causes such as vegetarianism, anti-smoking… Continue Reading “Sociology for Social Activism”

Resource to Help You Land a Job in the Non-Profit Sector

Policy Mic is an online multimedia news site that was launched in June. It enables young, ordinary people to engage in intelligent political debate (read more below) and it also takes on other social issues. A recent piece offers advice about working in the not-for-profit sector.… Continue Reading “Resource to Help You Land a Job in the Non-Profit Sector”

Volunteering Spotlight: How to Help During Environmental and Humanitarian Crises

With the various natural disasters that have occurred in recent times, we feature just a handful of the non-government-organisations (NGOs) who have responded to ongoing humanitarian and environmental crises in four afflicted regions: Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Haiti. This blog includes information on… Continue Reading “Volunteering Spotlight: How to Help During Environmental and Humanitarian Crises”