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Benefits of Sociology to Future Careers

A useful report on social science methodologies identifies four areas of innovation that will open up employment opportunities for applied sociologists. These methods will also help us contribute towards positive social change. The relevance to our community are as follows:

Social Survey Invented by Sociology

  Here’s a fun read by E. W. Burgess, who was writing in 1916 about the importance of social surveys as a “constructive service by departments of sociology”: “Indeed a case might well be made for the statement that the social survey was an… Continue Reading “Social Survey Invented by Sociology”

The Utility of Participant Observation in Applied Sociological Research

By Jan Ali [1] Participant observation has long been an important social inquiry tool in sociological investigation of the social world and in applied sociology. It is a complex blend of methods and techniques of observation, informant interviewing, respondent interviewing, and document analysis. Researchers and… Continue Reading “The Utility of Participant Observation in Applied Sociological Research”

Open Data, Open Access & What They Mean for Applied Sociology

Data are necessary for robust social science but very expensive to collect. Current regulations limit the ability for public servants and researchers sharing their data with the public. What does the open data movement mean for applied sociologists? Here’s two brief case studies on what’s happening… Continue Reading “Open Data, Open Access & What They Mean for Applied Sociology”