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United Nations microfinance scheme for refugees living in camps

  Many refugees are displaced from their homes for years. They might live  in refugee camps for decades. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its partners support microfinancing efforts. Through small loans, refugees are empowered to maintain businesses and trading efforts,… Continue Reading “United Nations microfinance scheme for refugees living in camps”

United Nations Day, 2011

Hope you had/have a Happy UN Day, wherever you are in the world! This year, the UN commemorates the fact that the global population will reach 7 billion people by the 31st of October. Earlier in the day, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released this message:… Continue Reading “United Nations Day, 2011”

Resource to Help You Land a Job in the Non-Profit Sector

Policy Mic is an online multimedia news site that was launched in June. It enables young, ordinary people to engage in intelligent political debate (read more below) and it also takes on other social issues. A recent piece offers advice about working in the not-for-profit sector.… Continue Reading “Resource to Help You Land a Job in the Non-Profit Sector”