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Sociology Media Resources

Here are a couple of sociology media resources that might be of interest: the Sociology Spotlight and the United Nations webcast.

Continuing Questions

By Alan Scott Alan Scott is the Convenor of the Applied Sociology Group, The Australian Sociological Association (TASA). In this article, Alan poses some questions about how Applied Sociologists carry out their work, whether or not social theory is important to their daily jobs,…

To Be or Not to Be ‘Too Academic’: Theory and Practice in Applied Contexts

Welcome to the second edition of Working Notes, the online bulletin for Sociology At Work. In this edition, we tackle the question of what it means to be ‘too academic’ in an applied context. The idea of being ‘too academic’ (or ‘not academic enough’…

Language, Ideas and Policy: Insights From the Periphery. Melbourne, Australia

In this paper Dina Bowman draws parallels between her initial encounters with the jargon and assumptions of employment services policy and the treatment of ‘invalid’ survey responses. The paper was presented at the Australian Sociological Association annual conference in 2010.

Do It Yourself Social Research and Everyday Evaluation: Lessons From a 40-year Career as an Applied Sociologist. Melbourne, Australia

Yoland Wadsworth has been working as an applied sociologist for almost four decades in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in action research techniques, having worked with various research centres within universities as well as with state government research centres, and she also takes on other…

Addressing Disadvantage: Applying Theory to Practice. Melbourne, Australia

Dina Bowman talks about her work with a not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia, which addresses social disadvantage through services, advocacy and research. Dina’s current research focus is on understanding inequality in the ‘working years’. She outlines how it is possible to use social theory…

International Sociology: Global Dialogue

The International Sociological Association recently published the third issue of its Global Dialogue newsletter, which is now available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic. There are lots of great papers worth checking out.

Beyond Merciless Critique: Reflections on the Contribution of Sociology in the Social Policy Space

Anthony Hogan is a Fellow with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health at The Australian National University. His paper argues that sociology could make a stronger impact on social policy if it went beyond criticism and engaged with the imperfect aspects of decision…

Defining Sociological Identity and Community: The Work of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, UK

Annika Coughlin is one of the convenors of the Sociologists Outside Academia Group, which is part of the British Sociological Association. She answers questions about the issues facing their members.