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News: applied sociologist making an impact with Australian parliament

Ms Anna Burke, Deputy-Speaker, and Australian Labor Party Representative for Chisholm congratulates the work of Sociology at Work member, Dr Christine Walker, and her research and advocacy network on epilepsy. 26 November 2009: In a great example of sociology at work, Ms Anna Burke… Continue Reading “News: applied sociologist making an impact with Australian parliament”

More articles on applied sociology

Check out the latest articles on applied sociology posted in our “Documents” section, under the Resources tab. The articles discuss the issues faced by non-academic sociologists from Australia, as well as the synergy between applied and academic sociological practices. The first article introduces the… Continue Reading “More articles on applied sociology”

Funding for applied sociologists to attend The Australian Sociological Association conference ends soon

The Australian Sociological Association is offering several scholarships for non-academic sociologists to attend their annual conferece, which is being held in Canberra, Australia, 1-4 December 2009. The theme of this year’s conference is The Future of Sociology. Given the cutting-edge and practical focus of… Continue Reading “Funding for applied sociologists to attend The Australian Sociological Association conference ends soon”

Sociology at Work needs your help

The Sociology At Work website is a not-for-profit group run by volunteers – and we can definitely use more help.  If you are interested in becoming involved in running the website, or if you have any material that you think might be useful, please… Continue Reading “Sociology at Work needs your help”

A brief introduction on applied sociology

Sociology At Work has published a new article that provides a definition of applied sociology and a concise history of this term. As well as describing some of the sociological practices that might be considered to be ‘applied’, the article also discusses the professional… Continue Reading “A brief introduction on applied sociology”